Thursday, June 17, 2010


Before I left for Francie-pants, I dropped by the Pasadena Red Cross Center to give blood. If you qualify, giving blood is pretty darn easy; you can call or go online to make an appointment, or like me, drop in when you are in the midst of doing a ga-billion errands before you leave the country for 7 months.

Besides, if you give blood while running about like a crazy person, you have an excuse to eat 3 packs of mini oreo cookies afterwards*.

When I asked my nice nurse "what's your type", he flashed me gangsta-style:

   A Negative.   

You rock doll.

Don't worry, my nice nurse does not have legs growing out of his elbow. That's someone in the back giving platelets. Takes so long, you get to watch a movie, giving platelets...

Summertime is ruthless on blood donations. Mostly because everyone is into enjoying summer, on vacation, bar-b-que-ing, stuff like that. It's a period when blood supplies tend to run short, inparticular for O negative blood, which is my type...have I mentioned that I am O negative?

But really, the need for blood is constant, the gratification is instant, and it don't cost nothin' to give.

(*discl: cookie offerings may vary from center to center).

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