Saturday, March 17, 2012


In 1926, the Société Centrale Canine (SCC) decided that all dogs registered in the Livre des Origines (LOF) and born in the same year would be given a name beginning with the same letter, excluding the letter Z (not too many name choices in French).

Then in 1976, this practice was standardized for all animals and excludes the letters K, Q,W, X and Y, for the same reason as Z. You can add a nickname between the time an animal is identified with the S.C.C. and when he/she is given a birth certificate.

Pretty wild, yeah?

For genealogy purposes, I get it; this same year, same letter practice makes it easier to place an animal's date of birth. I'm not sure if this naming game is the same for mutts, but pretty much all the people I've met with animals in France do tend to follow this system.

2012 is the year for the letter H. Not that the H is even pronounced in French - it's the thought that counts...

So France, 'ei-dee' would be a lovely name for your  Kitty, Fluffy or Bowser, don't you think?

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Société Centrale Canine
CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE 2012 will be held in Metz this year - yay!

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LisaGarden said...

That is so interesting. Eidee would be a fun name.