Monday, February 22, 2010


I've prepared this recipe from the french Saveurs, no. 172 twice so far.  In France with sole,  which is such an amazing beautiful, delicate fish (too delicate I think, for this sauce) and last night at Beth's, with shrimp.

The recipe does not tell you what to do with the teaspoonful of tumeric asked for; la-doink. Tumeric is cool and groovy and a wonderful surprise to this sauce, but tumeric for me, can sometimes be overpowering and bitter if used to extreme.  I used half the amount indicated and shoved it in during the sauce-making process, though it's probably sprinkled on somewhere towards the end - who knows.. . 

The sauce was pretty yummerful with shrimp. Everything was yummerful at last night's meal. Tangerine Negronis, filo stuffed with mushrooms, pomelo salad with sunflower seeds, roasted carrots... wow, simply yummerful.

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