Saturday, March 13, 2010


March is Red Cross month. Since 2003, I've tried to give blood as often as I can. I'm type 0 negative, which means my blood gets along with just about anyone. Less than 7% of the US population has 0 negative blood, so I'm sorta fortunate to have such deep red gooey groovy glop.

Donating blood is a trip. You feel as if you are in some very special private club. The people who work the banks are always calm and kind and the blood chairs totally rock, I've nodded off a few times - ha!

I love giving blood. The thought of my goop flowing through someone's veins is a bit of a high for me. Sure, I'm a bit drowsy the rest of the day and my arm has this funky purple mark on it for awhile - but whatever. It's a little thing to do with a beaucoup rewarding payoff.

We've got 10 pints of blood in our bodies. Giving blood takes but 1 and it can help at least three people. 38% of the people in the US are eligible to give blood, less than 8% of those do.

Can you give blood? Learn more about the process here. What do you have to lose, except some blood - ha! What you will gain is well worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice story Heidi. I'm a blood donor-started in June of '09. I'm so glad I'm donating too now. It makes me feel really good inside. Bless you & take care.