Friday, February 18, 2011


I see, with mindfulness, how good habits can be obtained in a very short period of time. I also see how good habits can be easily sabotaged (by me) in an even shorter period of time.

I'm focusing on how to make good habits so routine in the pattern of daily life that I don't need to even think about them. They are just done, like brushing your teeth.


To be sure I have 64 oz of water each day, I decided to be French. For the most part the French drink, meaning; not sitting at your desk guzzling a plastic bottle, nor drinking while driving, nor drinking while shopping, taking the metro or bus, or reading in a bookstore. It means DRINKING a glass of water ONLY.

Before preparing my meals I drink two 6oz glasses of water. It's easy enough for me to do and takes seconds to finish. Then, after my meal, I drink 2 more 6oz glasses of water.  By the end of  day, voila - 72 oz - Done. Any other water had during the day is a prize.

Doing this habitually takes care of two things: I am sure to get my daily water intake, and I make sure to sit down and have three meals a day. When I skip a meal, I skip water, neither of which are good to do.

In France, mustard is sold in "glasses", similar to how we in the US have jelly "glasses" ( hmm, a country where its children collect mustard glasses rather than jelly glasses? Something to ponder, America) So a 6 oz mustard glass (sans moutarde) is always kept on the table in the kitchen.

The benefits of drinking 64 oz of water everyday means I pee a lot, which allows my body to get rid of toxins in my body. My skin is looking faaabulous, dahling. And drinking before and after meals tends to make me not feel "hungry", 'cause I gotta lose some kilos. A good thing all around.

Bim - Bam - Bum - Done.

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