Saturday, January 1, 2011


My morning walk ended, not in the forest as I had planned, but through a small village just outside the forest, and it was the perfect walk.

I discovered a brook, a grotto with Mary and the dying naked Jesus covered in snow, firecracker remains, a luthier's shop, oh, and I did not fall - not even once.

I say yay.

Nothing planned for today has yet to come about. It's been day of instinctual direction. So far, no complaints. In fact, what a great way to begin the New Year.

Take note of what is happening around you. Trust it, as well as what is to be, will be, eventually. Perhaps pushing and shoving in a planned direction gets in the way of the really, really good stuff, and who wants to miss the really good stuff?

Mrs. Tybury is from a gentleman, walking his dog this morning. Someone I would have never met if I had gone my planned road. He knew just a little bit of english, mostly from sentences he learned from his sister who lived for a short time in South Africa. "Good Morning, How are you today? What time do you close? Have you a letter for Mrs. Tybury?" I love it.

Happy New Year! May you accomplish much and discover lots of really, really good stuff this year!

Extrait from the film "Je Chante" with Charles Trenet, 1938

C'est la vie qui va toujours
Vive la vie
Vive l'amour
La vie qui nous appelle
Comme l'amour elle a des ailes

Oui c'est elle qui fait chanter la joie
Quand tout vit c'est que tout va
Quand tout va la vie est belle
Pour vous et pour moi

Je sais bien que demain tout peut changer
Je sais bien que le bonheur est passager
Mais après les nuages
Mais après l'orage

On voit se lever joyeux
L'arc-en-ciel dans vos yeux
Tout est beau comme un mirage
Quand la vie va mieux.

Vous qui rêvez d'un désir fou
Vous qui chantez la jeunesse
Vous qui pleurez d'un air très doux
Le cœur empli de tendresse
Stop ! Arrêtez-vous un instant
Écoutez la marche du temps
Voici, la vie....

xox - heidi

Image above:
Forest walk outside of Terville, France

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour Heidi

I hope you'll get this comment.
I don't know Mrs Tibury.
I'm glad you made a good walk in Weymerange, and you didn't fall