Saturday, March 20, 2010


Funny how your brain can be all, oh, I wanna do this, this and this, but the body just sorta goes...blah. The butterflies have been a bit like that for me. I see 'em in my brain, all fluttering about, but the doing has been a, rough. After scrubbing a few boards today, all that changed. And also what I initially envisioned for these images changed - again! Uh, can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Recently, I've come to accept the fact that I work slow - as in methodical slow. From beginning ruminations in my head, to their final outcome. Rushing is not my game. voila-ka-boom.

This can be er, a bit disconcerting for that lovely force known as momentum. But momentum can take on various levels of acceleration. Mine tends to be a bit turtle-ish.

Whatever impetus one's momentum chooses to take, it's gotta be there for anything to take place. Even in slow art. You can gain it, lose it, you can find it, feel it. Momentum is grand, at whatever pace.

Valerie Littlewood has an interesting post in celebration of slow art. Her bee images by the way, are absolutely beautiful. Slow down a bit and take a look.

So, with fever-ish, turtle-ish momentum seven boards were scrubbed with color and the butterflies were found in my head. A doggie was walked and a supper omelet was prepared with eggs from Anne and John's highly productive hens.

 What a slowly and totally rocked day. Yup, I say again - rockée total.

Images shown can be viewed in my "Art Prep" set at flickr.


lynnbridge said...

Well, 'slow cooking' is celebrated now; why not 'slow art'? Contemplation is good!

hls said...

Absolutely right, Lynn! Contemplation can be lovely. Would love to know how you work. Simmer, slow rolling boil or full blast over the pot?!:-)

lynnbridge said...

That's a little hard to answer. I think that the slow part of my process is the thinking, the pre-action part of art. I actively seek inspiration by looking around and thinking metaphorically. (Occasionally, something just hits me- something on the news, for example- and I have to make art about it immediately.) In mosaic, once I mix up my cement, I have a time limit on getting the tiles or other little pieces laid. This can be quite fast. I enjoy this limitation, though; when I'm finally ready, I GO, GO, GO!

hls said...

Yes, that's true, - medium would play a large part with work.

Seems that would be a great way to work. You have a bit of both with mosaic (and your color palette is amazing, by the way..., there's a bit of a methodically slow process involved, as well as the need to work quickly due to the art's being. Well, you GO, gurl!

Nice connecting in Alyson's class. Will keep up to date via feedblitz! Thanks - hs