Saturday, April 10, 2010


The butterflies are beginning to appear everywhere in my work room. la-la-la!

This project has been freeing, even with my self-imposed structure, if that makes any sense. The challenge with color, composition and collage components; phew boy, quite something, but oh, so fun!

Opening a magazine or finding scraps of paper on the ground gets me to thinking, hmm, what a great monarch wing that would make! Purple and orange with a bit of yellow, what a fun painted lady that could be!

Frankly, butterfly bodies make me shutter - they have thousands of eyes and legs galore - but those wings, how beautiful they are.

Beginning April 11, 2010, the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles begins their annual summer display of live butterflies. The Pavilion of Wings is an enclosed outdoor environment bursting with beautiful moth and butterfly species from all over the U.S. yummer-ful.

So, back to more fluttery butterfly images.

Bring it on, you lovely beasties - let's keep fluttering by!

Images shown can be viewed in my "Flora" set at flickr

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