Friday, April 16, 2010


It's raining in the Moselle again. Blustery rains. Gray skies have been there for quite some time now. When the sun does peek through, folks there in France try and grab up as many rays as humanly possible. Lack of sunshine can be brutal on a human being.

Frankly, I'm glad to be in California right now.

My days in Altadena this spring have been sunshiny and breezy. Pollens abound, but who cares! There's fresh strawberries, oranges, meyer lemons and crazy amounts of asparagus. I've got buttermilk and eggs in the fridge; I'm a muffin-making fool. ha.

So far this year, we've had a few earthquakes. Earthquakes are par for the course living in so, So. CA. Our last tumbler set off rolling,  with everything swaying back and forth, for what seemed an eternity. A roller, as we say, as opposed to a jerker, is preferred. Highly scientific terms, I know. Please try and keep up... 

Earthquakes get your blood pumping. You fear for what may come, but feel an energy, an excitement for what is taking place. The moment. The movement. The earth, below your feet; it's moving. It's an incredible high.

Perhaps, not too wise to be talking such nonsense about earthquakes, but it's the truth and I dare anyone to admit otherwise.

Spring in Altadena means parrots and peacocks, hummingbirds and horses. Thai food for lunch and simply the best gelato, for dinner. Orange blossoms, wisteria and CA poppies: all are blooming. The San Gabriel mountains are beginning to heal after last year's fires and a few hiking trails have opened back up to the public. Hopefully, the coyotes and bob-cats are finding their way back home to the hills.

Give me the CA mountains - nothing like 'em... me love 'em.

Image above: Calif orange crate label
Image right: Historic  Mount Lowe

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